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Unbelievable? 24 Jul 2010 - Psychology of religion

Is belief in the supernatural inherent from birth?  Is Christianity a psychological crutch or a path to emotional wholeness? Is God belief simply a result of evolution?  Would it make belief untrue if it were?

These and other questions are discussed by atheist psychological therapist Martyn Frame and Christian tutor of psychology of religion Revd Dr Joanna Collicut McGrath.

Martyn believes that religious belief can be given a psychological evolutionary explanation that precludes need for belief in God.  Joanna argues that such theories are sketchy at best and that humanity's religious longings can't be rationalised so easily.

For Joanna Collicut McGrath see

"The Dawkins Delusion" co-authored with her husband Alister Mcgrath can be found on Amazon here 

Martyn Frame's profile page at the Premier Community

For more Christian/non Christian debate visit or get the podcast at or Via Itunes

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