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Was Jesus Liar, Lunatic or Lord? CS Lewis' apologetics - Unbelievable? 31 Mar 2012

Book for Unbelievable? The Conference 2012

On the show this week:

April is CS Lewis month on Premier Christian Radio.  In this edition of the show we examine two of CS Lewis' apologetic arguments for Christianity.

The Trilemma - "Either Jesus is a lunatic, a liar or Lord. He cannot simply be a great moral teacher, he has not left that option open to us".  Does Lewis' argument still stand 60 years on?

Kenneth R Samples is senior research scholar for Reasons To Believe and a lifelong fan of CS Lewis. He defends Lewis' apologetics against atheist James Croft who says that it fails to pass muster.

They also discuss Lewis' "Argument for God from Reason" - that our belief in the trustworthiness of our reasoning faculties is only possible if God exists.

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